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Personalised Sterling Silver Coordinates Cufflinks

£ 86.00

Handmade in our studio from sterling silver, these stunning cufflinks are engraved with the coordinates of your special chosen location (or locations) with a central compass design.

Hidden Messages

Add personalised messages on the back of the cufflinks.

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A hidden message can also be engraved on the reverse of the cufflinks, a secret message between you and the wearer. This could be a message from you to them or perhaps a special date.

Each cufflink can be engraved with the same coordiantes, or different coordinates can be engraved on each cufflink.

Please note: we may ask you to check the coordinates before we start making the cufflinks: please respond as soon as possible to prevent a delay in the dispatch of your order.

These cufflinks make the perfect gift, perhaps for your groom, complete with the coordinates of where you met and where you’re getting married; or for your new husband on your first Christmas together.

They also make a great anniversary gift, perhaps with the coordinates of where you first met, your home, or your favourite getaway location. You can also present them as a wonderful Father’s Day gift, with the location of where your children were born and your home, or a great valentines day gift!

Please be as specific as possible when entering the locations. For accurate coordinates, please enter the place name, address and postcode. We will send you the coordinates once your order is accepted and you can check these.

All pieces are beautifully gift wrapped in a box – this service is completely free of charge. We will happily write a gift message and send directly to the recipient.

The cufflink fronts have a brushed, matt finish and measure 1.6cm

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