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Silver And Leather Coded Coordinate Bracelet

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Beautiful handmade silver coded coordinate bracelet. Believe it or not, using just three words, we can pinpoint your special place absolutely anywhere in the world!

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The idea is simple but genius. The whole world has been divided into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and each has been given a unique three word address, every single three metre square globally has been mapped. We can be super accurate in pinpointing your special place, you simply provide us with the address and we will convert this into the unique three word coordinate code.

Rather than numerical coordinates, we will etch your three word coordinate code onto the sterling silver clasp. The recipient of the bracelet will initially be rather baffled as to the meaning of the three words, but it will be presented with a small gift card that explains how they can very simply reveal their hidden meaning. This is a fun, unique and truly personal, ‘just between you and him’ gift.

A hidden message can be engraved on the back of the silver clasp – something between just you and the wearer. This could be a special date or a short message from you to them. We can also engrave all symbols such as ★,♥, &, @

Please be as specific as possible when entering the location. In order for us to find your precise chosen locatiosn please enter the place name, address and postcode. We will send you the three word coordinate code once you’ve placed your order so that you can check that you’re happy with the three words before we engrave it onto the silver.

If you have any questions at all, get in touch with us but using the ‘ask seller’ button.

All pieces are beautifully gift wrapped in a box – this service is completely free of charge. We will happily write a gift message and send directly to the recipient.

made from:

Solid Sterling Silver and genuine Greek Leather Cord


Silver stud measures approx. 1.5cm

This item is hand made to order.

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